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Freeze dried at the peek of their flavor these addicting little gems come but once a year. We small batch hand process in our common allergen free facility. The Marquis grape is a blue, seedless, slipskin grape with an excellent Concord-like flavor that ripens in late September/early October in the Northeast. Slipskin varieties are characterized by soft flesh and tough skins that separate readily from the flesh, hence 'slipskin'. Great for fresh eating, it is a vigorous vine, a consistent and heavy producer and disease resistant. Once freeze-dried these babies crunch and the follow on flavor is just like eating a fresh grape. A delightful experience awaits you. 

Our sharable (1)  ounce pouches of Freeze-dried grapes is the equivalent in nutrition as almost 3/4s of a pound of fresh grapes! 

There are significant health benefits to eating grapes, such as: 

  • Packed with Nutrients, especially Vitamins C and K 
  • High antioxidant contents may prevent chronic diseases 
  • Plant compounds may protect against certain types of Cancer
  • Beneficial for Heart health in various impressive ways
  • May decrease blood sugar levels and protect against Diabetes

Freeze Dried Grapes

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